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Porpora Loreto - Apartments to let in Milano

We are the owners of two buildings in Milan. The first is in via Porpora 14, near the underground station "Loreto " line 1 and line 2, the second is in via Vigevano 27, near the underground station "Porta Genova" line 2. We let single rooms and double rooms.

We don't ask agency fees. We ask two months deposit. The payment is always anticipated and covers two months. The prices of the apartments are shown in the advertisments in the "Pagina principale" of this website. These prices include the building expenses but do not include electricity, gas and garbage tax.

The contract is the "4 + 4", the most common in Italy. It guarantees a minimum permanence of 4 years but the tenant can cease the contract and leave the house whenever he wants provided that he advises us 6 months before during the first year and 2 months before, from the second year.

It's forbidden to subrent the apartment.

For further information please send an email to info@porporaloreto.it.

If you want to speak with us, please send an email with your cell number and we will call you as soon as possible.

Immobiliare Porpora Loreto Srl - P.Iva 03386420156 - Capitale Sociale € 31.000 i.v. REA 1079229 - Trib. 1970/694/2